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Golf Clothing - Much More Than Just a Fancy Outfit

At a first glance, clothing that is made specially for golfers doesn’t appear any different from other sports clothing or even casual wear. But it’s not the same. It is made to meet the needs of golfers and their specific movements with an aim to provide optimal comfort and prevent clothing from interfering with the play in any way. Lastly, many premier golf clubs have a dress code and won’t let you on the greens if you’re wearing training suit for instance.

Choosing Appropriate Golf Clothing

If you truly want to enjoy the game and test your golfing skills, you need to feel good about what you’re wearing. And we don’t mean only feeling comfortable and not too warm or cold. We encourage you to focus on golf clothing that meets your taste for style because the more self-confident you will feel the better you will play. But don’t buy anything just yet. When you find a piece of clothing that meets your taste, be sure to pay attention to the factors below as well:


In addition to the standard clothing, you are also recommended to consider buying a waterproof jacket and trousers. Not only do they provide protection against rain but they also provide protection against the wind.

Golf Shoes

The importance of proper footwear cannot be stressed enough. If you want to feel comfortable and enjoy the game, it is of key importance to feel good in your shoes. Literally because golfing involves lots of walking. When choosing the right golf shoes, please keep in mind that metal spikes aren’t allowed on many golf courses in the UK and overseas.